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Online reviews. They are often a fantastic tool to help both prospective clients and businesses. While the current technological implementation is not without its flaws, most see the availability of reviews as beneficial. Alternatively, there is another option that some might see as more personalised or trustworthy. That is, connecting directly with previous clients yourself. Not only can this verify online statements, but it can provide an opportunity to communicate without influence from the business itself.

To that end, Facebook Groups and their community pages have proven a useful tool. One such group, the Curly Hair Kindness Society is a community that has helped many in their quest to find a curly hairdresser. That said, before directing readers to a specific Facebook group, it is necessary to state any potential conflicts of interest to ensure that any information received is honest and accurate.

"I am not a member of the Curly Hair Kindness Society. Thus, I have no idea what is posted or discussed. "

On that note, I am not a member of the Curly Hair Kindness Society, nor do I have a Facebook account for either personal or professional use. Thus, I have no idea what is posted or discussed within the group. Their community is a closed private group, so I am entirely unaware of what is linked or shared. Occasionally clients or friends mention that they have read favourable things, but that’s all I know.

So, if you’ve read the online reviews and would like some further first-hand perspectives, you are encouraged to join the Curly Hair Kindness Society and engage. You may ever find photos that clients have voluntarily posted!

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