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Curly Hairdresser Melbourne

It seems you are looking for a curly hairdresser in Melbourne. Welcome, my name is Tom, the person behind the haircutting. Allow me to get straight to the point. If you need a well-established professional with best-in-class haircutting skills and an uncompromising commitment to communication, excellence and customer satisfaction, your search can end here. The following sections provide additional guidance for those seeking a supportive curly hair specialist.

Key Differences

No doubt that during a search for a curly hairdresser in Melbourne, you will come across a few different places and likely swipe through their social media feeds. While these curly hair specialists may flawlessly style hair for their carefully curated Instagram posts, the haircuts they provide often lack shape or volume and grow out poorly. That statement is the voiced experience of many clients who arrive here with prior curly hairdresser disappointment. I operate on entirely different principles and service essentials: a haircut of unequal quality that is functionally flattering, independent of products and styling — and renowned for growing out exceptionally well.

Choosing A Curly Hair Specialist

Curly Hairdresser Principles

There are essential principles a successful curly hair specialist uses to provide exceptional results. When a booking commences, effective communication and thorough consultation are crucial. The primary function of that process is to listen — to discover a person’s natural texture, lifestyle, challenges, and aesthetic preferences. This information is vital to ensuring each client is supported throughout their booking. With that knowledge obtained, a haircut has the opportunity to deliver results that align with how a client wants to live with their hair, not how a curly hairdresser tells them to.

"An exceptional curly haircut should always be functionally flattering, independent of products and styling effort."

The preceding statement is a definitive, practical message that encapsulates my entire professional approach. Again, a well-executed cut should always provide a baseline foundation for every client. All too often, it is not. Many curly hair specialists provide a fundamentally flawed haircut that only looks good with the efforts and products they use during a booking. That is unacceptable. More than ever, clients desire a haircut that looks great with both minimal and maximum effort. With that provided, it encourages someone to engage with their hair at home in a manner of their choosing that yields positive results, compliments, and smiles.

Curly Hairdresser Pricing

What’s it going to cost? Pricing is often a determining factor when searching for a curly hairdresser in Melbourne. Unfortunately, most hair salons aren’t always transparent in this regard. Many engage in confusing, misleading or even discriminatory pricing practices. Curly hair specialists’ websites often use words such as ‘pricing from’ or state vague additional charges for certain curl types, density, or lengths. Mixed-race and thicker-haired individuals often have to pay a premium. These practices result in clients having to pay much more than they expect.

Rest assured, there are none of those pricing tactics here. To that point, I am the only curly hairdresser in Melbourne that offers a flat-rate service fee for every client without exception. There are never additional charges regardless of hair type, length, density, or cut desired. There is no upselling, apprentices or double-booking. Each person receives my undivided attention for 90-minutes in a private studio. A client’s time here is spent on a thorough consultation and providing a haircut of unequal quality. The results speak for themselves.

Final Thoughts

Despite what I’ve written here, what matters most is that each person finds the best curly hairdresser for their needs. Even with the best of intentions and highly refined skills, I won’t be the perfect choice for everyone. To aim for that ideal is an impossible task that ultimately leads to mediocrity. Thankfully, there are a few different curly hair specialist options in Melbourne. With any luck, your considered research with guide you to the best possible fit. While reviews are certainly helpful, you can always ask existing client’s about their experiences too! Curly Hair Kindness Society

Click the link below to continue to the main pages of this website. There is much more to read and discover, including several Insights articles relating to my curly hair principles and approach. If you’d like to make a booking, make sure you’ve read through the requisite booking and policy information. Doing so will ensure you arrive here ready for a positive experience and even better results! If there is one certainty, there is no other curly hairdresser in Melbourne who provides a comparable quality of haircutting excellence and service.

Last update: Monday, 8 August 2022

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