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My name is Tom, the person behind the haircutting. It seems that you have curly hair and have asked Google to help find a specialist you can trust with it. This website will transparently convey every aspect of my practice, what I offer, and who’s needs this would likely serve well. It is also an exclusive portal to make and manage bookings. If you’re looking for what you’ve been unable to find, perhaps this might be the place.

Curly Hair Specialists

No doubt that during a search, you would have come across a few different places and maybe even swiped through their social media feeds. Indeed, across Australia, there is an increasing number of businesses that state they are curly hair specialists. This is great and each one will provide you with different experiences and potentially different results too. Some choose to align themselves with the Curly Girl Method, while plenty of others offer an equally valid alternative. Both are essential as there are always multiple needs and preferences in any community.

When it comes to the work itself, some of the specialists are devout DIVA method cutters, and others utilise personalised or more traditional methods. Again, both are valid. If a professional is skilled with their scissors, positive results are likely attainable. Whichever approach to curly hair a business chooses, their model seems to be working. We know that to be true because they are all booked out for weeks or months in advance. Also, when looking at reviews, they are all equally glowing.

Making Your Choice

Then how is one to choose where to make a booking? One certainty can help address that question. There isn’t anyone who can call themselves or be considered the best curly hair specialist. Despite what the reviews say or what you ask Google for, the entire notion of quantifying something as best is entirely subjective. To make a choice, you have to start by knowing yourself and what you want to achieve. After that, one of the available options should resonate with you. That said, there are fundamental differences that can help you to decide.


These are the essential principles that drive success here. Effective consultation is non-negotiable, as are intentions that place client contentment above all else. The primary component of that process is to discover clients natural texture and aesthetic preferences and work within those specific parameters. A haircut should always support how a client wants to live with their hair, not how a curly hair specialist hopes they do. 

That statement is the central message here. If there is a singular mantra of my practice, this would be it. The measure of a quality haircut is its ability to be functionally flattering independent of products and professional styling. A well-executed cut can and should always be the underlying foundation. With that provided, it encourages someone to engage with their hair in a manner that yields positive results, compliments, and smiles.

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