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My name is Tom, the person behind the haircutting. It seems that you have curly hair and have asked Google to help find a specialist or curly hairdresser you can trust with it. This website will transparently convey every aspect of my practice, what I offer, and who’s needs this would likely serve well. It is also an exclusive portal to make and manage bookings. If you’re looking for what you’ve been unable to find, perhaps this might be the place.

Key Differences

Making Your Choice

Do you want a supportive, well-shaped cut that is low-fuss and will last for months? Are you someone who has a strict ritual to achieve Instagram perfect curls every day of the week? Do you want your curly hair pastel-coloured too? Once you know what you’re looking for, one of the curly hairdressers you can find online should resonate with you. That said, there are fundamental differences that can further help you to decide.


These are the essential principles that drive success here. Effective consultation and communication are non-negotiable, as are intentions that place client contentment above all else. The primary component of that process is to discover a person’s natural texture and aesthetic preferences and work within those specific parameters. A haircut should always support how a client wants to live with their hair, not how a curly hairdresser hopes they do. That is especially true when it comes to the selling and usage of curly hair products.

That statement is the central message here. If there is a singular mantra of my practice, this would be it. The measure of a quality haircut is its ability to be functionally flattering independent of products and professional styling. A well-executed cut can and should always be the underlying foundation. With that provided, it encourages someone to engage with their hair in a manner that yields positive results, compliments, and smiles.

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