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Tom Zappala has developed an individual approach that pairs well with the tactile skills accrued through a relentless pursuit of excellence. The result is a thriving reputation that continues to redefine standards and raise expectations. The following sections will provide essential details.


This is a culturally diverse specialist practice for those who wish to embrace their natural hair texture with a healthy, low-fuss routine. Individuals who have struggled with thick, curly, multi-textured or fine hair concerns are welcomed and enthusiastically supported.


Tucked inside Smith Street icon Wabi Sabi Salon, the private studio provides a one-to-one setting for a thorough consultation and undivided attention to detail. The space intends to be sensory-friendly and supportive for those who are introverted, anxious, or neurodiverse.


$250 | Flat rate service fee. 90-minute private and confidential booking includes consultation, haircut, basin work, and natural finish. Children and men’s haircutting are not supported. GST inclusive.


The efforts here are renowned for growing out exceptionally well over an extended period. These shapes are high-functioning, providing meticulous density distribution for increased body, texture, and movement. The finish is low-fuss to ensure a cut performs well at home with minimal effort. There are no round brushes or irons used. The average return interval is 4 to 6 months. Product Usage Information


Strict CGM rituals are neither practised or encouraged here. Curly and wavy textures are supported in an individualised, low-fuss manner. Cuts are often performed dry, but not always entirely. It is essential to arrive with your hair suitably prepared in a natural state. Preparation Notes

Tom Zappala Haircutting Pricing
Tom Zappala Haircutting Studio Interior


Bookings are made online and require a $100 deposit. Rescheduling or cancellation requires a minimum of 48-hours notice. Any changes made within 48 hours of the allocated time will forfeit the deposit regardless of the payment type used. All deposit refunds will have a $3 card processing fee deducted.


Only individuals with a booking are permitted inside the studio. Additional guests are not supported. This includes infants and children. Please do not wear perfume here. It tends to linger in the room for other guests.


Tom Zappala Haircutting is cashless and GST registered. EFTPOS or credit card facilities are available for in-person payments.

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