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Many years ago, the curly hair community stormed the castle and planted their flag, claiming my studio as their own safe space. While I enthusiastically welcome them and am grateful for their continuing support, my studio is also a haven for other individuals. While curly hair is difficult to cut well, fine, thin, and thinning hair also presents clients with numerous challenges. The fact is, curly hair is generally forgiving when it comes to haircutting. That is much less the case with fine hair. Those living with fine, thin, or thinning hair know this all too well.

Unsurprisingly, most hairdressers opt to cut fine hair wet and blunt. They often state that fine hair “can’t have layers”. Of course, all of this is patently incorrect. Cutting fine hair wet is a failure for anyone wanting greater volume, movement, and shape. A blunt, wet cut unequivocally weighs down fine hair and renders it lifeless. The only logical reason for doing so must come from a lack of experience or knowledge. Perhaps though, in our current social media era, the focus is on styling, not on providing an inherently functional shape. It certainly seems so.

"While curly hair is difficult to cut well, fine, thin, and thinning hair also presents clients with numerous challenges."

Providing an exceptional cut on fine and thin hair takes considerable time and well-honed dry-cutting skills. Any attempt to rush through the process will inevitably show evidence of poor work or consideration. In contrast, careful execution provides results that expand fine and thin hair with increased volume and density. When done well, the results always bring delight to clients’ faces. This is why I consider myself a cutting specialist rather than a specialist for a singular texture of hair. The various curly and fine hair-specific pages exist to ensure the target client feels welcomed and supported. Ultimately, I aim to provide an exceptional haircut result for anyone with challenging hair or situations. Without a doubt, these individuals deserve nothing but the finest!

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