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September 2021 | Five years ago, I started writing purely because I thought it would benefit my SEO on Google. I still don’t know if it did or not. Then, I found a voice and spent a lot of time writing and publishing about 30 articles. Most were well received, but a few were not. Reflecting on that time spent writing, I remember feeling compelled to speak out about things I felt were important. Many of the topics I covered were critical of the hairdressing industry. Since my practice specifically attracts individuals who experience disappointment at traditional hair salons, it seemed like a reasonable basis for my writing. To be clear, none of the opinions or realities expressed in those articles has changed much, if at all.

Since I wrote the articles, I have been regularly rereading and pedantically editing them. I felt they needed to represent my current writing skills (thanks Grammarly) and accurately convey the topic being covered. Recently though, I have noted that despite all the edits, something didn’t feel right. Many of the articles no longer feel essential or relevant. Also, when reading through them collectively, they started to sound redundant. It was time for a change. When creating this new website in WordPress, I had initially decided there would not be a traditional blog page.

"I don't need to use critical writing to attract people. The primary content of this site is abundantly clear who my practice is best suited."

By thoroughly analysing my site data it was determined that the articles weren’t getting many views, despite the effort I put into writing them. Plus, I wanted to keep the site menu minimal and the necessary information concise. That said, after spending some time on Google, it does seem that by not having regularly updated content, I would be actively hurting my SEO. I’m disappointed to learn that this is still true in 2021, as it dictates how I spend my free time. The fact remains, I like to write but no longer have an interest in actively maintaining a blog. Also, clients tell me it was reading reviews that led them to make a booking, not the articles I had published.

So, where does that leave things? The former blog page is now called ‘insights’. When it comes to publishing new articles, they will be intermittent. As for content, the aim is to refrain from writing about topics that don’t align with my core ideals. I don’t need to use critical writing to attract people. The primary content of this site is abundantly clear who my practice is best suited. Instead, I will write about things that interest me and fill my time.

Regarding the articles published on the former site, some of them genuinely do well on Google. I imported a few of these to this WordPress site so that they can continue to be of use. The remainder of them have effectively been discarded. No matter what is ultimately going to be published on the new site, the core principles of my practice remain the same. That is, using my skills and experience to help put smiles on faces. That has always been my primary motivation and should remain so for many more years.

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