single line drawing of anxiety and sensory-sensitivity person with long curly hair

Anxiety Supportive Hairdresser

From the earliest years of my career, I never felt comfortable working in a hair salon. The music bugged me, the temperature was never right, the lighting was awful, and there were always too many people, personalities, and energies. All of it was unsettling, sparking feelings of anxiety and making it difficult to focus on the work I was doing. After years of struggle, I finally decided to take steps to do what I needed to survive and thrive.

Deciding to split from the salon industry and forge an independent career path was a game-changer for my anxiety. Ironically, many years after opening my private studio in Collingwood, I discovered I am neurodivergent. That discovery further encouraged me to find my voice and direction. As a result, I am now a dedicated specialist haircutting professional for individuals with challenging hair and personal situations.

Feeling Safe, Seen, and Heard

While the primary goal of providing an anxiety-supportive haircutting studio is to ensure the environment isn’t emotionally overwhelming, it’s also essential that every client feels safe, heard, and supported. That all begins with open communication (not mindless small talk) and allows for greater understanding. From the quiet and private waiting room, the seated (and socially distanced) consultation, to the pedantically curated playlist, it all promotes a haircutting experience like nowhere else.

You are encouraged to investigate the main parts of my site. There’s a lot of other content I’ve written over the years and continue to edit. All the information you need to make an informed decision is there. If there isn’t, and you’d like to get in touch, please don’t hesitate. Ultimately, nothing makes me happier than helping provide a supportive salon experience for those with anxiety or other personal challenges. It’s everything about why I love what I do.