curly hair hairdresser Tom Zappala sitting in his Melbourne salon with long curly hair

Curly Hair Hairdresser

Hello. I’m Tom Zappala—those are my curls from the 1980s! Okay, let me try to help. When trying to find a curly hairdresser in Melbourne, there are seemingly several options. However, most offer one-size-fits-all results that reflect the singular approach they preach—strict CGM or forced, quirky frizz. In either case, curly hair salons often place too much emphasis on product reliance and unrealistic styling expectations instead of individually supportive shaping. As a result, women often feel their curls are an unflattering or time-consuming burden with limited lower-fuss options for their busy lives.

Genuine Expertise

The solution is a hairdresser in Melbourne with genuine curly hair expertise. As that photo above attests, I’ve been living, working with, and supporting curls for a long time. Indeed, my dry-cutting curly hair history started overseas 35 years ago in a multicultural city. As a result, my curly hair knowledge and abilities were well-established and thoroughly vetted before immigrating to Australia in 2006. That expertise remains razor-sharp today through an unrelenting pursuit of excellence, supporting individual situations and needs.

Curly Hair Salon Red Flags

When searching for a curly hair salon in Melbourne, there are an increasing number of pretenders. Each week, people arrive after unsuccessful visits to self-proclaimed curly hair experts. Below is a list of the common red flags to watch out for.

Intention & Integrity

When providing a supportive curly hair specialist service, people often arrive with multiple questions and need trustworthy guidance. As a result, I’m committed to sharing my knowledge responsibly, free from conflicts of interest. To that end, selling cosmetics can easily undermine integrity. That is why I am the only curly hairdresser in Melbourne who does not engage in upselling or product sales and provides a straightforward flat-rate service fee for every client without exception. Furthermore, each person receives my undivided attention for their entire booking. As a result, time in my private, sensory-friendly studio ensures a supportive experience like no other and complete satisfaction.

Essential Curly Hair Advice

Despite moving beyond the obsessive, peak CGM period, social media influencers and curly hair salons remain fixated on unrealistic curly hair styling standards to drive product sales. As a result, the following is some essential curly hair advice to help your journey.

  • There is no singular way to engage with your curls—regardless of what any curly hair salon says otherwise.
  • The content shared and seen on social media promotes an unrealistic curly hair aesthetic. You don’t need perfect curls all the time—or ever.
  • Don’t obsess. Frizz is not the enemy—bad haircuts are.
  • Products alone cannot make a shapeless haircut look or feel great. 
  • Do not allow a decision to embrace your curls to become another unrealistic beauty expectation.
  • Living well with curly hair can often be far less challenging and time-consuming than people realise.
hairdresser Tom Zappala sitting in his Melbourne curly hair salon.

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