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Select products are from Aesop, Aveda, and EverEscents. While each has proven to reliably perform consistently, they are not a definitive recommendation unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Aesop, Rinse-Free Hand Wash | Unlike most essential hand-sanitisers, the ones produced by Aesop have a terrfic natural scent and don't leave a sticky residue. Resurrection and Geranium Leaf are both excellent.

Aveda, Shampure | A great staple due to the variety of clients seen in the studio. It features a gentle and safe coconut-derived sulphate cleanser that is absolutely okay to use on any hair type. As with all hair cleansers, use only as often as your scalp and hair needs dictate. Typically this could be 1 to 2 times per week or less. Often, a few times per month can be ideal for many people with curly and wavy hair.

EverEscents, Fragrance-Free Conditioner & Treatment | Currently the best Australian made silicone-free product available that works equally well on most hair types. These are the only products used or recommended from EverEscents.

Directions for curly and wavy hair | After conditioning and rinsing in the shower, exit and towel dry your hair. Apply the Treatment the same way you would a leave-in conditioner. Work it through evenly from mid-lengths to ends. Do not rinse out. Air dry or diffuse.

Aveda, Be Curly Curl Creme | A curl creme for those with fine to medium hair who need more support. Light hold and fantastic Aveda scent. This creme blends exceptionally well with either the Aveda Phomollient or Confixor for improved hold and support.

Aveda, Confixor Liquid Gel | An essential liquid gel that wonderfully blends in hand with the Aveda Curl Creme. For those with thicker and frizzier hair, add this or any gel on top of your moisturiser to offer additional style support. Confixor is a classic Aveda product with a divine scent. It can also be mixed in hand with the EverEscents Treatment listed above with great results.

Aveda, Phomollient Styling Foam | Classic styling foam which also blends well with their Curl Creme. Use alone on fine to medium hair types for style control without weight. Great Aveda scent, of course.

Aveda, Thickening Tonic | The only product on the market that can truly offer thickening effects for fine and or thin hair. Only designed to work with a highly effective and supportive cut. Washes out easily and doesn't weigh down hair, cause greasiness or anything else which would be problematic for fine hair. Truly one of a kind product for fine hair.

Aveda, Texture Tonic | The newest addition to the small collection of products used in the studio. It's a subtle, weightless utility product for medium hair textures. It helps soothe frizz when diffusing and can add fullness without any of the typical negative side effects. Used during or after diffusing.

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