Outside on the footpath in front of Tom Zappala Haircutting in Melbourne, Victoria.


To provide the results you expect and deserve, I need to see your clean, natural hair, unaffected and ideally not slept on. Please think of the following like surgery prep for your hair!

  • On the morning of your booking, shampoo, condition and detangle—especially if you haven't washed your hair in multiple days or weeks. Then, either air-dry or diffuse. Hair doesn't need to be 100% dry on arrival.

  • During your preparation, a very small amount of leave-in conditioner is okay, but please DO NOT use any gel, oils, styling cremes or dry shampoo in your hair.

  • Most importantly—on the day of your booking—do not have your hair tied up or back, headbanded, clipped, pinned, flat ironed, straightened, brushed out, or blow waved.

  • To support a sensory-friendly space, please do not arrive wearing perfume, thank you! Lastly (and as reminder) during these cooler months, bulky high-collar tops and turtle neck jumpers aren't ideal clothing choices when getting a haircut.

    To assist you with finding the upstairs studio, please watch this short walkthrough Arrival Video

    The waiting room and haircutting studio are located upstairs inside Wabi Sabi. If their streetside door is locked upon arrival, don't panic, a staff member will let you in. If their door is unlocked, simply enter and head up the stairs just past the bar area.

    Please take a seat in the waiting room. You'll be welcomed into the studio when your session is ready to begin.

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    Regardless of the reason, it is now too late to reschedule your booking. Please reply to the reminder SMS with your cancellation status, including full name and booking details. Your booking can then be posted to the Telegram Waitlist Channel.