single line drawing of camera taking a photo


One of the first things people notice about my online presence is that there are no photos of my work on this website or any of the popular social media apps. While that well-considered decision might be unpopular or frustrating, there is much more to this topic than most people realise. First, my clients are a multicultural mix of Anglo, Asian, Middle Eastern, African, and Pacific Islanders—aged 20s to 70s, Attempting to photograph what I do would be a tedious task that I do not have the time for during or after a booking. Also, posting photos would likely alienate those who feel their demographic is not sufficiently represented.

Ultimately, hairdressing photos are riddled with bias, something that is necessary to avoid as much as possible. Most important though, I work with a number of individuals who have a variety of personal and private situations. They represent public or political personalities to camera shy and Transgender through anxiety challenges, neurodiversity, pre and post-chemotherapy, Alopecia and Trichotillomania.

"Photos are riddled with bias, something that is necessary to avoid as much as possible."

"Social media photos don't always tell the whole story regarding the quality of work presented."

Ultimately, I will not be a perfect fit for everyone, and I am okay with that. It is a foolish endeavour to try and attract every type of client, regardless of their hair type or needs. It’s entirely misleading to state that you are great at everything for everyone. No one can be. My studio, service, and online presence will align with a particular type of individual and the challenges they often have. For them, I am here to help.