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A true specialist won’t use their expertise as a platform to spread misinformation or upsell products. Through listening and without judgement, bias, or conflicts of interest, they help clients discover what product types—at every price point—can support their needs and how to use them in a simple, lower-fuss manner. Most importantly, a true specialist insists on providing clients with exceptional results that are not entirely cosmetic-reliant.

That said, the primary commitment here is to use functional, natural, plant-derived products that are sulphate and silicone-free. Each client receives information regarding everything used on their hair during and at the end of their booking, along with detailed aftercare instructions. There are no product sales in the studio. For more information, listen to the relevant episode of the podcast below.

The Curl Store offers an expansive collection of products to support curly hair. For 10% off purchases, enter the following code at checkout: TOMZAPPALACUTSMYHAIR

Damn Gina is another terrific source for curly hair accessories, including one of the best-selling silk hair wraps available in Australia.