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What is my work like? Best to start with what it isn’t like. Most have seen the standard CGM images posted on social media apps. My work is nothing like that. My efforts are much less reliant on products and styling to be functionally flattering. Most important though, my haircuts have natural volume and shape. Triangles are not a feature here. I see my role as a vanquisher of triangles and shapeless cuts sine that is what most new clients arrive with.

Also, mullets aren’t really my thing, despite their current popularity. Nor are clipped undercuts or anything that grows out quickly or unbalanced. That all said, my work is generally what my clients request of me. Sometimes this presents as professional or sophisticated. Sometimes it’s messy or grungy. Other times it’s more classic and timeless. What about fringes? Absolutely. When they are requested and the hair supports it, I am happy to oblige.

Regardless of the hair type or texture, the aim here is to always communicate and work collaboratively with my clients. Everything is discussed beforehand. If a client requests to keep their length, they keep it. My job is to make my clients happy, not fulfil my creative needs or do what I think the hair needs. Clients and I work together on their desires. The entire process is considered and takes time.

"My haircuts feature pedantically executed shapes and flawless weight distribution. These efforts are renowned for growing out exceedingly well."

My haircuts feature pedantically executed shapes and flawless weight distribution. These shapes are contemporary with natural volume and offer increased texture. My finished work is not product heavy and does not aim to provide unrealistic expectations. Each client’s preferred and expected styling tendencies at home are always a priority. I aim to have their haircut look very similar to how they will exist with it daily.

The efforts here are renowned for growing out exceedingly well. That fact is non-negotiable. I patently do not like to work with design concepts that grow out unbalanced or poorly. This has been a feature of my work since I started cutting hair over 30-years ago. The entire process has readily improved and that remains true today as well.

Historically, there has always been a small collective of passionate professionals represented in every country who aim to cut hair exceptionally well for all hair types. That has been my professional directive without exception. There is no ‘best’ haircutter. There is only a select group who excel in their endeavour. They do so uncompromisingly and without exception. They don’t have a choice. For them, anything else is simply unsatisfactory.

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