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Frequently Asked Questions

Bookings are made exclusively online via this website. Book Now

There isn't a traditional waitlist here. Instead, unexpected openings are announced on the messaging app Telegram.

While many clients have curly hair, I readily and equally support all challenging textures or any personal situations that need my supportive expertise. Essentially, if your salon experiences and results are consistently disappointing, I'm here to help.

I do not provide hair colour services. I am a haircutting specialist. Unfortunately, I do not have any hair colourist recommendations. Also, I cannot offer advice on hair colour timing related to a booking here, except that if your current haircut is shapeless, a dramatic colour change might not be necessary.

I do not perm hair or offer any other salon service other than haircutting. I am exclusively a haircutting specialist.

Visit the service page for Pricing information.

Visit the service page for Policy details.

There is a dedicated page with Products Usage Details.

The following Preparation Notes are essential reading and help support a successful booking.

Due to the private 1:1 setting, I do not accept bookings for children under the age of 18.

Men's haircutting is not recommended or readily supported.

Yes, visit the following page to purchase a Digital Gift Card.